Let us share our love of travel with you.

Kristine and Herb Jekel

Past Tours - 2017
​Back Roads of Sunny Florida

Past Tours - 2016
​Pacific Coast Journey

Why Wanderlust?

Herb and I love to travel and have been doing so all our life. This is our company and our daily, personal involvement makes all the difference. The name of our firm, "Wanderlust" is a German word meaning "the love of travel." The name reflects not only our life experience but more our business philosophy. We have been pretty much around the world, China, Russia, New Zealand, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and a number of places in between. As travelers we recognize how very important it is to have the benefit of seasoned, experienced travel professionals by your side.

My own travel planning background began over 25 years ago when I was the Corporate Travel Manager for a division of Bristol-Myers. Charged with the responsibility of a $1.2 million travel budget and all facets of travel operations including air, car rentals, hotels and meeting facilities I gained a wealth of experience in the fast moving corporate travel arena. Since then I have worked with several travel agencies concentrating on their group travel while putting together special vacations, cruises and packages for people in the Racine County area. As an INDEPENDENT AGENT OF DUGANS TRAVEL, one of the largest and most prestigious home-based travel agencies in the country, we have the resources to meet your needs  regardless of the destination or package you may desire.

Each year Herb and I look forward to offering unique, reasonably priced and fun daytrips, multi-day trips and tours along with our custom travel, cruise and vacation packages. Enthusiasm, strong organizational skills and a strong desire to give the best personal service possible have helped me build our business and keep our trips fresh and fun!